Placement Support Services

The Financing Hub is committed to providing strong, well-structured submissions to our system lender-partners. Our Placement Support Services is a unique feature we provide to assist you in compiling and structuring any submission utilizing our funding hub. Placement Support connects you with one of our Transaction Support Specialists who will work with you on structuring and documenting your submission to ensure it is as strong as it can be.

Whether you require for full placement services or just help structuring your transaction, our specialists can work with you to get your transaction closed. 

Placement Support is a cost recovery program with transaction fees based on the application and the work completed. 

    • Placement Support Services carry a cost of 20 bps to 65 bps times the amount funded.
    • Pre-submission Underwriting Reports carry a cost equal to 10% of the request amount to a max of $2,500.00
    • No TSS fees will be charged without the prior written acceptance confirmation from the submitter.


(*) All placement support submissions must complete a work mandate prior to commencement of work.

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