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The Financing Hub is pleased to announce its new online CMHC financing program for multi-family properties.

The Financing Hub is pleased to announce that it has taken the next step to bring web-based solutions to the Canadian commercial real estate sector. With our new CMHC financing program, platform submitters can now take advantage of current technology to place their own financing directly online.

Once put in place CMHC funding options can provide secure cost effective financing options for you and your property for years to come.

Starting with our new CMHC qualifier tool, our standard application will bring you to our new CMHC placement option. By selecting our CMHC Placement option from the eligible lender list, you are connected directly to our placement team, who undertakes a complete underwriting. Our experts compile all required documentation, and ensure the submission is compliant with current CMHC operating and revenues standards, etc. Once completed we obtain the CMHC certificate of insurance and fund the transaction in conjunction with one of our existing lender-partners.

The CMHC Placement program is now available to all Financing Hub users. To become a user, simply click here to sign on.

For more information on this new program and how it can help build your business, please contact us.


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