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The financing industry is changing – significantly. Almost all areas of lending today take advantage of new technology to enhance their decision making and funding processes. It is time to apply today’s available technology to commercial real estate financing as well.

With each CRE lender having their own focus and rules, submitting an application often means approaching each lender individually, only to find a number of them may not even lend against the type of property you are seeking the funding for. This process is inefficient, so we decided to do something about it.

With intuitive applications and internal algorithms, The Financing Hub directs your application to those funders who will be the most interested in it.

We save you time and effort and get you to the lenders you need.

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The Financing Hub Improves the Commercial Real Estate Financing Process by:

  • Automatically matching the borrower with a selection of lenders based on application criteria.
  • Allowing the user to select lenders from our provided list and send the application to them through the platform in a few swift clicks.
  • Providing support for users that want assistance in creating their application, or simply want to refer a project.
  • Providing a platform for communication between the user and the lender from application through negotiation and closing.

What benefits does The Financing Hub bring to borrowers and brokers?

  • It expands your reach to new lenders and new commercial financing options.
  • It drives down the time it takes to prepare and submit a commercial file while improving lender turn-around times.
  • It provides access to imbedded system’s reviews to help compile strong applications and direct your submission to those lenders most interested in seeing it.
  • It digitally compiles all the inputs and documents of your financing transaction into one place for easy review and amendment.

 Using The Financing Hub is a simple process.

  • Review your financing needs.
  • Prepare and input the information directly into the Financing Hub along with any supporting documents you may have.
  • Once completed, choose the lenders that match your client’s funding needs, and submit.

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The team behind The Financing Hub has years of experience in CRE funding. We want to share our knowledge with you in our Hub Hints.

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