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Types of Financing We Facilitate

The Financing Hub provides a wide range of financing options for your funding needs.  If you have any questions as to whether or not we have the right funding option for you simply ask any member of our team.

Conventional Mortgages

The Financing Hub carries a comprehensive choice of conventional mortgages for a very broad range of multi-family, commercial or industrial building or location.

  • 1sts, 2nds and 3rds
    • 1st to 75% LTV
    • 2nd to 85% LTV
    • 3rds will be assessed on a case by case basis
  • Competitive rates subject to LTV and credit profile
  • Transaction sizes from $700,000 to $40 million
  • 1sts for population centres as low as 35,000
  • 2nds for population centres as low as 65,000
  • Exception can be made for smaller transaction sizes and population density, with corresponding rate and fee changes


Our system funding partners offer mortgage financing for purchases, refinancing, equity take-outs and working capital.

CMHC Financing

The Financing Hub now offers an online application to secure CMHC financing for multi-residential properties. Starting with our CMHC qualifier tool, our standard application will bring you to our new CMHC placement option. Once submitted, our placement team undertakes a complete underwriting, collecting documentation, ensuring compliances with CMHC operational and revenues standards, etc. Once completed we will obtain the CMHC certificate of insurance and fund the transaction in conjunction with one of our existing lender-partners.

At the appropriate point in the underwriting process the borrower will receive a conditional letter of intent, outlining the expected term, a current indication of rate, required submission fees, and setting our any outstanding conditions. prior to the final submission of the certificate of insurance and subsequent funding.

Renovation Financing

Upgrading your building for new tenants or renovating to get ready for a sale?  The Financing Hub offers unique options for renovation financing.  Typically, short term in nature (3 to 12 months), our funding partners can often tailor a solution that fits your current renovation project.

Typically, rates will reflect the second or subordinated security position and the short term nature of the loans. In most cases the borrower should be prepared to provide evidence (appraisal, CMA or relevant local comparables) that supports the owner’s estimates of Value Upon Completion.

Construction Financing

The Financing Hub currently holds options for staged construction financing between $500,000 and $10 million, as well as options for construction projects in excess of $20 million.  All applications should include evidence all required permits and zoning are in place.  Pre-construction and/or initial land acquisition funding should apply under The Financing Hub’s Land loan funding options.

Developers should be prepared to demonstrate their existing levels of experience and plans for takeout financing should be included within the application.

Residential Investor Financing

We at The Financing Hub,  take the position that any 3rd party investing in any property, for the purpose of generating rent and profit, is engaging in a commercial transaction.  Our residential investor program has been designed to meet that position.

  • 1st and 2nd mortgages up to 85%
  • Borrowers must be able to reference current/previous landlord experience
  • Properties must be able to demonstrate stand-alone debt coverage
  • Potential renter population will be evaluated based in part against general location population density
  • No limit of number of properties in borrower’s portfolio


Applications are subject to commercial assessments and must be able to provide evidence of adequate debt servicing and end of term repayment.

Eligible Property Types

The Financing Hub supports most types of commercial, industrial and multi-family property types.

Eligibility is typically subject only to the application conditions.






Residential Rentals


Storage Units

Factories/Heavy Manufacturing

Gas Stations

Industrial/Light Manufacturing

Mixed Unit – Residential/Commercial

Office Buildings


Seniors Residence/Long Term Healthcare


For inquiries regarding other types of commercial properties please contact us.

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